Tarot and travel

From the Rider-Waite Smith deck published by US Games Inc.

I’ve been in a working partnership with Gothic Image Tours since 2013. During tours, I facilitate a process for using Tarot to explore the messages sacred sites and landscapes have for each person. This works because the Tarot cards tell a story about the universal human journey…from the big challenges in life to the mundane.

Travel is a way of life for me and those 78 cards are my favourite travel companions. Consulting the Tarot as you travel can yield amazing insights into stuff that’s going on in your life. Think of those cards as a GPS, one that puts you in the driver’s seat and alerts you to road blocks and shortcuts to where you want to be in your life.

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  • Tarot activities on tours

    No prior knowledge of the Tarot is required, because I work with everyone individually, so it doesn’t matter whether you know nothing, a little or a lot about the Tarot before your trip.

    On the first evening, everyone explores their personality and soul cards to see what messages they hold for you at this moment in your life’s journey. We also use a specially designed Journey Spread as a way of exploring the energies at play as you travel your inner and outer journeys. The first evening of the tour is an excellent time to do it and the last day is the perfect time to look back on the trip to see how everything played out. Many an insight has been gained in this way!

    Then we have fun every morning as we pick a card for the day and reflect on how the previous day’s card played out.